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Unsere Geschichte ist falsch!

History of Skinwalker Ranch and the Brigham Young Connection - Skinwalker Ranch has a long history of paranormal encounters with a Shapeshifting entity that transforms from human into wolf in order to CURSE and kidnap children. The ghost of the Skinwalker is embedded into the folklore of the culture since the days of Brigham Young. Is there evidence that Chief Wakara was nicknamed Chief Walker by Brigham Young, and their illegal slave trading while dressed in wolf skins to hide their identity may be the original legend of the SkinWalker. Allegedly Chief Wakara was Chief Walker of the WALKER Wars and was known as "Lord of the Slaves" for stealing Navajo children and selling them to Brigham Young and the Mormons, who refused to stop, and did not return them to their families a short distance away. Did the name of Chief Wakara become Chief Walker who is now the shape shifting wolf man of Skinwalker Ranch? What is the real history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints leader Brigham Young and his SECRET dealings with Chief Walker?

SECRET History of the Skinwalker Path Discovered by Navajo Elders
Roger Cultee & Colleen T. Gorman

Das Jimi Hendrix poster im Hintergrund "The musician's grandmother was Cherokee, a heritage Hendrix's family has continued to celebrate."

Research, development and sharing of educational materials and productions for instruction, use and in-depth exploration of math, science and art related to Indigenous sacred calendars, sacred geometry, architecture, way-finding and more in ancient and modern times.

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